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With Kibho, customers have the ability to create various wallets, which guarantees their KH tokens are secure and permits them to maintain a close eye on each incoming and outgoing transaction. Moreover, there’s an option for customers to get more tokens by committing to provide certain services or participating in KH token pledging.

Furthermore, Kibho simplifies cryptocurrency exchange with kibho exchanges that make quick and straightforward transactions without requiring the intervention of a third party. In this article, we are going to tell you about kibho exchange, its history, price, etc.

What is Kibho?

Kibho is a blockchain platform functioning in expansive chain devices, carefully tied to the cryptocurrency world and established as a multilevel marketing employer. The organization’s token, the Kibho coin, has won huge recognition and is actively traded throughout diverse cryptocurrency exchanges.

To participate in Kibho, people should establish an account and refer friends and family. Mutual benefits accrue to each referrer and referee upon a hit referral. The system encompasses multiple stages facilitating token profits through referrals. Additionally, Kibho provides a saving account feature on its internet site, presenting customers with various benefits.

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What is kibho exchange?

Kibhocoin Exchange gives customers stable, expert, and handy products and services, which include Cryptocurrency Trading, Derivatives, Staking, and NFT.

Kibhocoin Exchange currently helps 50+ fiat currencies, along with USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, KRW, CAD, AUD, RUB, INR, AED, and so on. Purchase of main digital assets, which include BTC, ETH, USDT, and many others.; and 20+ payment strategies, including MasterCard, Visa, Google Play, ApplePay, Bank Transfer, and many others.

History of the Kibho Coin

The genuine origins of Kibho Coin continue to be unclear. While a few assets point towards a 2021 launch, information about its builders and initial motive are scarce. What is thought is that Kibho Coin aimed to be an India-centric cryptocurrency, potentially facilitating home transactions or catering to a selected local market.

There turned into a duration of interest surrounding Kibho Coin, with some resources suggesting a rate attaining as high as ₹830 (around $10 USD). However, this era was followed by a pointy decline in each rate and trading pastime.

Kibho (KBO) rate, deliver, and Market cap

Market CapN/A
Circulating SupplyN/A
Trading VolumeN/A

Current State of Kibho Coin in India

As of March 30, 2024, the photo surrounding Kibho Coin is regarding. Several cryptocurrency monitoring sites list Kibho Coin at a rate of $0 USD and a market cap of $0. This shows that Kibho Coin isn’t currently being actively traded on any main exchanges. There are a few viable causes for this situation:

  • Delisted from Exchanges: It’s possible that the exchanges that formerly indexed Kibho Coin delisted it because of low trading volume or concerns about its legitimacy.
  • Project Shutdown: In the absence of any reputable updates or energetic development, Kibho Coin could have been entirely abandoned by means of its creators.
  • Technical Issues: There can be technical problems stopping Kibho Coin from being traded, although this appears less probable.

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Understanding Kibho Coin Exchange Options

There are two main methods to exchange kibho coins:

  • Dedicated Kibho Exchange Platforms: These are systems mainly designed for trading Kibho coins. There are multiple options available, so it’s essential to analyse their recognition and security measures before using them.
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Exchanges: These systems connect you immediately with different users who need to buy or sell Kibho coins. While P2P exchanges offer flexibility, they also include a better risk of scams.

Features of Kibho Exchange

Here are the various features of the kibho exchange

  • Kibho coin, a rather new cryptocurrency, is getting an increasing number of popularity among buyers and dealers.
  • The Kibho coin platform gives clients a straightforward trading and investment experience. A one-stop store for all things monetary.
  • One of the important aspects of the Kibho coin page is its ability to offer real-time data on currency values.
  • Enables buyers to hold tune of market changes and make informed decisions on whether to buy or sell Kibho coins.

Is Kibho Coin Fake or Real?

The broking has valid regulations, however many elements like a website, lack of transparency, and pyramid MLM scheme business model raise questions over the broking’s legitimacy.

Since the dealer platform is particularly new, it has the gain of the doubt for its loss of transparency and internet site. It is suggested you not exchange on the Kibho platform because of the doubts about its legitimacy, as mentioned above. But you may wait a while for the broker to release a legitimate internet site that gives transparency and trading flexibility.


Kibho is a new cryptocurrency that aims to provide a fast, secure, and decentralized way of shifting prices internationally. Kibho has numerous functions, advantages, and demanding situations that make it different from other cryptocurrencies. Kibho remains in its early tiers of improvement and adoption, which means that it may have ability possibilities and risks for users and investors.


1. What is the Kibho coin?

Kibho Coin is a cryptocurrency token offered by Kibho Technologies Pvt Ltd as part of their MLM method and gives a trading platform with benefits and rewards.

2. How to buy a Kibho coin?

You can buy Kibho coins through the official cryptocurrency exchange. Just connect your coin pockets and you should purchase kibho coin after.

3. How much is 1 Kibho coin rate in Indian rupees?

The rate of one Kibho coin in Indian rupees is ₹553.2457. You can check out the cryptocurrency exchange to get today’s updates on Kibho coin rate prediction.

4. Who Operated Kibho Coins?

Kibho Technologies Pvt Ltd manages Kibho Coins under the course of founders Nirmala Kilaparthi and Venketrao Kilaparthy.

5. How to Earn Profit Using Kibho Coins?

Users can use MLM to earn profits with Kibho coin by protecting them for 100 days and participating in referral applications, receiving commission rewards and benefits.

Kibho Exchange

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