Kibho Fake or Real

Kibho Fake or Real

Kibho is a cryptocurrency and it was introduced in India in 2022. Kibho cryptocurrency is claimed to be backed by the BHMUU (Bharatiya Manav Utthan Sanstha). BMUU is a nonprofit organization and KIBHO Technologies Pvt Ltd, it is a company licensed by the Indian government. Also, there is no evidence to support these claims. Kibho is not listed on any main cryptocurrency exchanges and its market cap is zero. It means that KIbho is not possible to buy or sell Kibho coins and it has no real value. There are various red flags that suggest that Kibho is a scam. It is because Kibho is not registered with any financial regulators and it has no whitepaper or roadmap and its website contains numerous grammatical errors. 

Is Kibho Fake or Real?

Kibho cryptocurrency was launched in India in May 2023. It is a token based on the Binance coin blockchain. Some people believe that Kibho may be a scam. Because it is not listed on any major cryptocurrency exchanges. There is also no clear information about the team behind KIBHO or their plans for the project. The official website of Kibho has a number of grammatical errors and typos which is also a red flag. These are some reasons people consider Kibho a scam.

Besides this, there is also some evidence that Kibho may be a legitimate cryptocurrency. One of them are Kibho website does has a whitepaper and that outlines the project’s goals and roadmap. Here we will see some additional things to keep in mind when evaluating whether or not Kibho is a legitimate cryptocurrency. 

  • Is the Kibho project transparent? Team members and their background are clearly identified?
  • What are the goals and milestones of Kibho coins? A clear roadmap for the project.
  • Are there active forums and social media groups of Kibho?
  • Is the project audited by a reputable third party for Kibho?

Kibho cryptocurrency value 

Based on the Binance smart chain the Kibho cryptocurrency is not a real cryptocurrency and it is a scam that is not registered with any financial or regulatory authority, Kibho is not available on any legitimate cryptocurrency exchange, the website of Kibho cryptocurrency claims that it is a decentralized cryptocurrency. If you are offered Kibho coins then it is not worth anything. The world’s largest cryptocurrency is Bitcoin and it is worth $29,400. 

How to invest in Kibho cryptocurrency?

the Kibho cryptocurrency is not yet listed on any major exchange in India. But in India users cannot invest in it. But some ways are available to get involved with Kibho in India. Users can buy Kibho tokens from a peer-to-peer exchange. This allows users to trade cryptocurrencies directly with each other without the need for a central exchange. The second way to get involved with Kibho in India is to mine Kibho tokens. This is the process of verifying transactions in the form of Kibho tokens. The mining difficulty of Kibho is too high and it is not currently profitable. From India you can follow the development of Kibho and keep an eye on the news to see if it becomes listed on any major exchange in India. It is a new and untested cryptocurrency. You need to know that there is no guarantee that it will be successful and there is a risk of losing money if you invest in Kibho. Before investing in Kibho ensure that you are willing to accept the risk involved. 

Level 25 in KIBHO mart purchases mining: Kibho cryptocurrency 

This level is the highest level in Kibho mart purchase mining that a customer can achieve. Customers receive two additional benefits for referring each Kibho customer. These are some benefits:

  • One of the benefits is a 20% discount on every rupee spent by the customer on Kibho purchase. 
  • The second benefit is the mining of 25 coins and 25 cash coins for every rupee spent by the customer on a Kibho purchase. 

In Kibho cryptocurrency discounts and mining benefits are available on every purchase that the customer makes even if the purchase is made by a person who is below the customer in the Kibho mart purchase mining Hierarchy. So the customer can potentially earn up to 40% cashback on their purchases. On level 25 customers also receive other benefits such as the ability to participate in exclusive events and promotions. Customers will also receive priority customer support at this level. Users who want to achieve level 25 in Kibho mart purchase mining, must have a minimum of 25 direct referrals. At this level the referrals must also be active and must have made at least one purchase from Kibho mart. This level is the prestigious level that is achieved by only a select few Kibho mart customers. 

Kibho Fake or Real

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