Nearest Metro Station to Kamla Nagar Market

Nearest Metro Station to Kamla Nagar Market

Wanting things to work accordingly per your mind sometimes could be a difficult task but not an impossible one because you can find the best and cheapest means of transport in cities like Delhi. As per the many authentic websites people of Delhi love to travel by metro because it not only saves time, in fact, it also counts as the cheapest means of transport for the people of Delhi and places like Kamla Nagar, which is known for its famous market has counted as one of the most crowded places in Delhi and that’s why Kamla Nagar nearest metro station known as Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station is always crowded with bunch people traveling to their destination or Kamla nagar market for shopping.  

About Kamla Nagar 

Kamla Nagar is a residential and commercial area in north Delhi, India. The area is known for its lively market, educational institutions, and vibrant atmosphere. It is located near Delhi University North Campus and is home to various students, residents, and visitors. The area is famous for its vibrant market with large number of shops, restaurants, and street vendors selling all kinds of items ranging from clothes and accessories to books, electronics, street food, etc. It is a popular destination for both shopping and food lovers. Apart from its commercial aspects, Kamla Nagar is also home to several renowned educational institutions including colleges affiliated to Delhi University making it an ideal hub for students who are pursuing higher education. The area is well connected by road and public transport with Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station nearby providing easy access to the rest of Delhi and the National Capital Region of India.

Nearest Metro Station To Kamla Nagar 

The Kamla Nagar Market nearest metro station and closest one is the Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station, located on the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro. Found quite a brief remove absent, Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station serves as the essential transportation center for commuters traveling as well as the nearest metro to  Kamla Nagar and its encompassing zones in North Delhi. From Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station, Kamla Nagar can be effectively used by different nearby transportation alternatives, including auto-rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, or taxis. The station is deliberately situated to cater to the transportation needs of inhabitants, understudies, and guests getting to Kamla Nagar’s bustling markets, instructive education, and commercial foundations. The nearness of Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station to Kamla Nagar upgrades the availability and comfort of travel for people commuting from distinctive parts of Delhi-NCR, contributing to the dynamic quality and network of the region. 

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Here are the 3 nearest metro stations to Kamla Nagar 


When we are traveling to any place from any vehicle we always care about the distance and time until it clears our intellect of how much time we need to spend traveling and in the meantime, we go for the metro because we all know how a metro can be time sparing transport to reach our destination. From Kamla Nagar to Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station isn’t so distant and it as if it were to separate 1.7 kilometers to reach the metro station in just a few minutes.  

Travel Time

The travel time from Kamla Nagar to Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station isn’t so distant. It is just  10 to 15 minutes from any vehicle and if you are walking on foot then it will take some time and will turn into 15 to 20 minutes.  

Route Map

From Kamla Nagar to  Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station has the easiest route map which can be understood by diagram and which travels from one place to another. It offers a facilitated and accessible way for understudies, the workforce, and tourists commuting from the Kamla Nagar to Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station. This metro station is numbered with the preeminent clear map outline and outstandingly basic to urge the particular metro route and the places. Have to know more about the Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station route map, so click on the link below. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s)

 1. What is the distance from  Kamla Nagar to Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station?  

The distance from the  Kamla Nagar to Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station is 1.7 kilometers. 

2. Where is Kamla Nagar in Delhi? 

Kamla Nagar is situated in North Delhi, India. Specifically, it is located near the prestigious Delhi University North Campus, making it a prominent neighborhood in the city. 

3. Which is the nearest metro station to  Kamla Nagar? 

The nearest metro station to Kamla Nagar is  Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station. 

4. What is Kamla Nagar famous for? 

Kamla Nagar is famous for its bustling markets and its lip-smacking food. 

Nearest Metro Station to Kamla Nagar Market

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