Nearest Metro Station to Shakti Nagar

Nearest Metro Station to Shakti Nagar

Many people say, “Great things come to those who wait” but sometimes this phrase is not applicable in life for the people who are in the office or college because if they wait they will be late for their workplace and that’s why in the metropolitan cities like Delhi people usually travel from metro to reach at their destination on time. Metro saves people time and money especially the people who are living in Shakti Nagar Delhi. 

Shakti Nagar is counted as one of the most crowded areas of Delhi just because of its nearest metro station. Shakti Nagar’s nearest metro station is  Pratab Nagar metro station which is not so distant from Shakti Nagar and people usually travel from Pratap Nagar metro station to reach out to their destination. 

About Shakti Nagar 

Exploring a new place brings an adventure for many people, especially who are Hodophiles. Hodophile people love to travel a lot to new places and Shakti Nagar can be the best place for them to explore more about Delhi places. Shakti Nagar is located in North Delhi, India. It is known for its dynamic atmosphere, different people, and key areas inside the city. The zone is named after the famous social reformer Shakti Singh and it is characterized by its blend of private and commercial foundations. 

Shakti Nagar is home to a different community comprising individuals from different socio-economic foundations. The region highlights a run of lodging choices, counting apartments, independent houses, and lodgings, catering to desires of distinctive socioeconomics. One of the eminent points of interest in Shakti Nagar is the Shakti Nagar Advertise, a bustling commercial center known for its shops, eateries, and nearby businesses. The showcase offers an assortment of merchandise and administrations, counting clothing, gadgets, goods, and more, making it a well-known goal for inhabitants and guests alike. 

Nearest Metro Station To Shakti Nagar 

The easiest and nearest is always counted as the best and just like Pratab Nagar metro station is the nearest metro station to Shakti Nagar from where lots of people every day travels as per needs. The distance between Pratap Nagar metro station and Shakti Nagar is too short for the people making it a helpful mode of transport for the regular travelers. Pratap Nagar Metro Station is one of the beautiful metro stations with all the facilities and as well with metro offices for inquiries, ticket counters, and elevators, guaranteeing a crowded free travel involvement for travelers. Its key area and network to other parts of Delhi-NCR make it a perfect beginning point for those investigating Shakti Nagar’s marketplace, private neighborhoods, and commercial foundations. 

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Here are 3 nearest metro stations to Shakti Nagar:-

Metro Station Name Line Distance 
Pratap Nagar Metro Station Redline 1.5 KM 
Pulbangash metro station Redline 1.6 KM 
Vishwavidyalaya metro station  Redline 2.0 KM 

Distance : 

Distance always plays a vital role in every travel whether it is of short or long route and people who travel daily for their personal or professional reasons, look out for the distance that how long it can be to travel to their destination but the nearest metro station to Shakti Nagar which is known as Pratab Nagar is not so far away from each other and it only covers the distance of 1.5 kilometers, which is not so distant in comparison of other metro station for the people of Shakti Nagar.  

Travel Time : 

 The travel time from Shakti Nagar to Pratab Nagar metro station is 4 to 5 minutes from any vehicle but if you’re strolling on foot at that point it can be time taken or it will be double to your regular time which is around 12 to 15 minutes. Auto and e-rickshaws can be effectively found on the main road of Shakti Nagar for people who want to catch the metro or go to other places.  

Route Map : 

One of the most important things while traveling is a route map because without a map you can’t go anywhere if only the place is new for you. Route maps help as a guide to reach your destination and the Pratap Nagar metro station route map is the easiest one to understand, you should follow the lines and search for the name of the place you want to go and it will be easily reflected on your screen. Click on the link below to learn more about the route map of Pratap Nagar metro station.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the nearest metro station to Shakti Nagar?  

The nearest metro station to Shakti Nagar is the Pratab Nagar metro station. 

2. How far is Shakti Nagar from Pratap Nagar metro station? 

The distance from Shakti Nagar to Pratab Nagar metro station is approx 1.5 KM. 

3. Where is Shakti Nagar situated? 

Shakti Nagar is situated in North Delhi, India and it’s known for its dynamic atmosphere, different people, and key areas inside the city. 

4. How many years old is Pratab metro station? 

Pratab Nagar Metro Station is 11 years old and it started in the year 2003.  

Nearest Metro Station to Shakti Nagar

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