Pagueveloz Instituição De Pagamento Ltda

Pagueveloz instituição de pagamento ltda

PagueVeloz is a leading payment institution imparting seamless financial solutions. With a focus on innovation and security, they offer seamless payment processing services and meet the needs of companies of all sizes. This platform guarantees quick transactions, convenience, and strong compliance measures, empowering groups to thrive in today’s dynamic market landscape.

What is PagueVeloz?

As one of the first financial generation organisations in Brazil, PagueVeloz aims to find a way to automate their assist queries and enhance their customer experience and inner performance. They knew they had to provide extra support to their valued customers. It offers various efficient payment services for a customisable solution that solves various cases.

The payment platform offers various services like ticket receipts, credit card receipts, SMS, invoice payments, and verifications. Furthermore, it gives customer credit card services to its customers. It also affords its customers with a mobile application for Android and iOS.

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How does Pagueveloz work?

This payment platform operation is simple and intuitive. To use the platform, you can easily create an account, get access to essential data, and make transactions. Payments can be acquired by payment links, custom fee buttons, or integration with online platforms.

Pagueveloz also gives personalisation options, permitting customers to personalize the appearance of payment buttons and payment links in line with the visual identification of their businesses.

Pagueveloz Resources and functions

Pagueveloz gives some of the functions and functions that make it easier for the online payment manner. Some of the main features are

  • Integration with exclusive payment process: Pagueveloz allows integration with various payment methods, such as credit cards, bank slips, and bank transfers.
  • Sales Management: The platform offers sales management, which includes inventory management, bill issuance, and order monitoring.
  • Safety: PagueVeloz uses premium security technologies to protect personal transactions and data.
  • Reports and Analyses: The platform affords targeted reviews and analyses on transactions, allowing users to display the overall financial performance of their businesses.

Commitment of Pagueveloz

PagueVeloz’s unique point is that it developed a machine, with integration through APIs, that pays off debt at once after payment. This will increase the purchaser’s credit score more quickly and make it less complicated for them to regain access to credit. Founded in 2012, PagueVeloz also created a digital account for organisations, particularly small and small-size groups (SMEs) and a sub-acquirer. It was already a partnership with Serasa, supplying the era at the back of the employer’s online wallet.

When contacted, Seresa Experian stated that the payments organisation licence reinforces PagueVeloz’s commitment to the range of services supplied to its clients and the security related to statistics and transactions on its digital platform. PagueVeloz will keep you as an issuer of services for small size and average companies and improve your company services and products for individuals and legal entities.”

How does Pagueveloz pay fast?

PagueVeloz is a payment gateway, already prepared to generate and recognise brazilian payment method boleto. This payment gateway sends SMS to inform the clients about their transactions.

  • Generate online invoices
  • Automatic status of invoices
  • Sending SMS by using order status with customised messages
  • SMS credit purchases
  • Register with the API through the Magento administrative panel
  • Check SMS credit stability
  • Generate invoices for the order by the Administrative panel

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Advantages of Pagueveloz

Pagueveloz offers a number of advantages for groups and entrepreneurs who need to make online payments. Some of the main advantages consist of

  • Speeding: Transactions executed through Pagueveloz are processed fast, allowing payments to be obtained or released quickly.
  • Security: The platform uses superior protection technology to protect users’ transactions and data.
  • Ease of use: Pagueveloz has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making the online payment process easy and affordable.
  • Technical Support: The platform offers specialized technical support to help users in case of questions or problems.

Pagueveloz Payment Institution activities

Pagueveloz Payment Institution is a dynamic entity engaged in various activities crucial to the efficient functioning of billing structures and statistics-era infrastructure. Here’s an overview of its key operations:

  • Billing Activities and Registration Information
  • Development of Custom Computer systems
  • Development and Licensing of Customizable Computer Programs
  • Maintenance and technical support
  • Data Processing, Application Service Providers, and Internet Hosting Services

The Challenge

Supporting one of these big ranges of fintech services, PagueVeloz’s customer service and inner tactics have been in large part guided and inefficient. However, as they persevered to increase their client base, it became obvious they needed to enhance their customer service manner to make their clients feel valued.

They needed a tailor-made answer that utilized computerized tactics, integrated with internal and outside software already in use (along with Salesforce) and progressed their customer pleasure. What’s greater,  they were keen to transport on from their modern customer support companion that offered expensive, time-consuming, other solutions.

“With our old issuer, we had a lack of automations that made it impossible to preserve the quantity of times that we had been responding to every day. Their bots from the old provider were not that wonderful. They were absolutely simple and that they wanted a lot of information, which didn’t help. We would have had to do a lot to teach them.”

Final thoughts 

PagueVeloz operates a payments gateway sending SMS to notify customers about their transactions. Its fee services consist of payment tag receipts, credit card receipts, SMS, bill payments, and check verifications. The organization was based in 2013 and is based in Blumenau, Brazil. In October 2021, PagueVeloz was received by using Serasa Experian. You can also use this payment platform to ensure your fast and safe transactions without revealing your transaction details and personal information.

Pagueveloz Instituição De Pagamento Ltda

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