Subway Gift Card Balance Check: Subway eGift Card Registration |

Subway Gift Card Balance Check: Subway eGift Card Registration |

Subway IP LLC, or just Subway Gift Card, is an American global fast food business that specializes in submarine sandwiches (subs) and wraps. Fred DeLuca founded Pete’s Super Submarines in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1965, using funds from Peter Buck. After several name changes, it was renamed Subway in 1972, and the franchise business began in 1974 with a second site in Wallingford, Connecticut. It has developed to become a global franchise. Lets go ahead in the article and learn more about Subway gift card balance.

What Subway Offers?

Subway has a variety of topping options. “Eat fresh” is the old Subway tagline, which is meant to emphasize the use of fresh ingredients. In 2015, it was the franchise with the highest rate of growth in the globe. As of September 2023, it has over 37,000 locations throughout more than 100 nations and territories. The United States is home to 21,796 places, or 58.1%, of its total locations. In addition, it is the biggest restaurant operator in the world and one of the biggest chains of restaurants with a single brand. Its expansive global headquarters are located in Shelton, Connecticut, and it also maintains a second location in Miami, Florida. 

Subway’s main offering is the submarine sandwich (or “sub”). It also sells wraps, salads, paninis, and baked goods (including cookies, doughnuts, and muffins). Subway also offers one of the most delicious breakfast sandwiches, English muffins, and flatbread. In 2006, “personal pizzas” were introduced in various US areas. These are built to order (much like the subs) and heated for 85 seconds. Breakfast and pizza are only provided at select locations. In November 2009, Subway agreed to provide only Seattle’s Best Coffee coffee as part of their breakfast menu in the United States.

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What are Subway gift cards?

Subway Cards can be loaded with U.S. or Canadian currency and used to pay for goods and services at participating Subway locations in the United States and Canada, online at, or through the Subway App. Cards cannot be used to purchase additional Cards and are not redeemable for cash except as required by law.

How to check Subway Gift Card balance?

If you would like to check the amount on your Subway gift card, simply follow these straightforward procedures that have been offered by several websites: 

  1. Use your choice web browser to visit the official Subway website.
  2. Go to the main menu of the subway website and look for the “Gift Cards” or “Check Balance” option. Press it to continue working. 
  3. Type the number on the gift card. Usually found on the rear of your gift card, this distinctive number has 16 digits. 
  4. If you have created a Subway® Card account and registered your physical or eGift Card, you can access your account online at or via the Subway® App. Alternatively, you can phone 1-877-697-8222.
  5. By printing out your eGift Card and scanning the QR code. Subway® App or online at, they can always use it as payment when placing a remote order or paying in a restaurant with their App. 

How to use a Subway egift card Without Registering?

To use your Subway e-gift card, take the following actions:

  1. Use your phone’s camera to scan this QR Code.
  2. Make sure your barcode is not folded when printing this eGift card and scanning it to make a payment. 
  3. Register your Subway eGift Card, use it on the Subway App to enjoy your food, or use it to pay for orders placed remotely. 

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How to activate a Subway card?

There are majorly 3 ways to activate the e subway card as discussed below: 

To activate the card do the following steps:

  • Select Subway Gift Card as the payment method at checkout.
  • Enter the gift card numbers and PIN.
  • The Subway gift card balance will be deducted from your total order.

You can also activate a Subway gift card in the app by following the steps below:

  • Go to Checkout
  • Tap Apply A Subway Gift Card
  • Insert card code and PIN
  • The gift card balance will be applied to the account wallet 

You can also activate a Subway gift card in-store by using the steps below::

  • Show the gift card to the cashier
  • Cashier will scan it
  • If there are scanner issues, ask the cashier to manually enter the digits 

You can register your Subway card by creating a Subway MyWay Rewards account at or by downloading the Subway app and adding your card under Cards & Payments. 

Where can one use my Subway gift card?

Subway gift cards are accepted at over 26,000 participating Subway restaurants in the United States and Canada, as well as online at or via the Subway app. You can load Subway cards with either US or Canadian cash. 

You can register your card online at or on the Subway app to use it online. You can also register your card to transfer its balance to another card, but the card being transferred will be closed and can’t be reloaded. 

To use your Subway gift card in-store, present it to the cashier to be scanned. If the scanner is not working properly, ask the cashier to manually enter the code. To check your gift card balance, contact +1 (877)-697-8222.

Subway gift cards can’t be used to buy other cards, and they aren’t redeemable for cash, except when required by law. 

Can I use various gift cards on the same online order?

No, Subway accepts only one gift card or e-gift card per online order. If you want to utilize multiple gift cards, you can place separate orders. A retail gift card can also be purchased using a bank-issued card.

You can use Subway gift cards online at, through the Subway app, or in-restaurant. You can also transfer balances between Subway cards if they are registered under the same profile at 

How to redeem free Subway?

To redeem free subway do the following steps-

  • Log in to the Subway app.
  • Go to Rewards.
  • Select your reward.
  • Choose the Scan option.
  • Follow the prompts to scan in the store.
  • Enter your phone number at the register to access your rewards .

If you have a physical loyalty card, simply download the Subway app and log in using your account information to claim your rewards. Once you have earned your prize, the app will display a virtual card with a QR code. To collect your reward, simply scan the QR code or present your physical card at the register.

Subway Gift Card Balance Check: Subway eGift Card Registration |

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