Nearest Metro Station to Bharat Darshan Park, Delhi

Nearest Metro Station to Bharat Darshan Park, Delhi

A unique cultural and recreational space, Bharat Darshan Park shows the rich heritage of India through the various magnificent replicas of its nationwide iconic monuments. This is located in the heart of Delhi which is easily accessible to visitors. Also, Bharat Darshan Park nearest metro station is the perfect and convenient way to start the tour and travel through. Whether you are a local or a tourist the metro station would ensure an easy quick way to reach out to Bharat Darshan Park. Stay up as we go through and explore the various metro station travel options. 

About Bharat Park

With the vibrant pulse of Delhi and its bustling streets, the Bharat Darshan Park has emerged as an oasis for celebrating India’s cultural tapestry. It has meticulously crafted replicas of iconic Indian monuments and is renowned for this. Surprisingly all these monuments are crafted using recycled materials which showcases both artistic ingenuity and environmental sustainability. Among all these remarkable structures you would find the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Charminar, and the Gateway of India and all of them are recreated with stunning attention to detail.

Not only celebrating India’s architectural marvels, but this innovative park also promotes the message of recycling and conservation. All the sculptures are made using industrial and domestic waste which turns the scrap into a spectacular work of art. This park also serves as an educational experience that enlightens the visitors about India’s diverse and historical landmarks as well as cultures, along with emphasizing the importance of eco-friendly practices. Side by side it’s a place of fun and leisure and offers a unique blend of history, art, and sustainability. 

Nearest Metro Station to Bharat Darshan Park

This is an ideal destination for both the family students and also visitors. The add-on is that the transport to reach here is also easily accessible and convenient, that is through the nearest metro station. The Bharat Darshan Park nearest metro station is the Punjabi Bagh West metro station. That is located both on the green as well as on the pink line. This metro station is just 1.1 km away from the Bharat Park Darshan which has four platforms available with it. The table shows the metro station along with the distance and the metro line.

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After taking the metro to the Punjabi Bagh West metro station, the remaining distance to reach the Bharat Darshan Park would be just 1.1 kilometers. Once you reach the metro station, outside it public transport like rickshaws are easily available which would hardly charge very low fares and would drop you at the Bharat Darshan Park. only a few minutes of travel will be left.

Time Travel

The travel time from the metro station to the park is just about 15 minutes of the walk for 1.1 km, it can be easily covered up within 5 mins if you choose any public transport but in case there is traffic then that 1.1km would also cost a lot but still the distance is easily walkable.

Route Map

After reaching the metro station, exit it and take public transport like auto rikshaws which are easily available outside the metro station. The ring road towards the Rajouri garden will be followed then taking a left onto the Shivaji Marg will be taking you directly to the Bharat Darshan Park. this hassle-free and direct route to the main entrance of the park would take you for an easy and good visit.


Q- What are the closest metro stations to Bharat Darshan Park?

A- The closest metro station is the Punjabi Wst Bagh metro station with a distance of just 1.1km away from the stadium

Q- Which metro lines stop near Bharat Darshan Park?

A- The pink line is used to reach Bharat Darshan Park.

Q- What time is the first metro to the Bharat Darshan Park from Delhi?

A- The first metro leaves around 6:04 AM from Delhi.

Q- What time is the last metro from the Bharat Darshan Park?

A- The last metro that leaves around 10:40 PM and takes you to Delhi.

Q- how much is the metro fare?

A- The metro fare varies between Rs.10 to RS.60 to reach the Bharat Darshan Cafe.

Nearest Metro Station to Bharat Darshan Park, Delhi

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