What is Mewing and How Does it Work?

what is mewing

Are you familiar with the latest craze taking the Internet by storm? If you’re someone into beauty trends, you’d already be familiar with mewing. Countless media influencers are jumping on the mewing trend-making tutorials explaining what is mewing. Keep reading to learn more about this viral craze. 

Mewing is a trending technique that is supposedly effective enough to change the shape of your jawline. Although, there is no evidence to suggest it works. 

The term “mewing” was coined by Dr. John Mew, a British Orthodontist, who believed that placing the tongue correctly can change the facial features of a person.

Fun Fact: Mewing is not just a new craze- it has been talked about by Medical professionals as a remedy to speech impediments and jaw pain. There is a lot of hype about what is mewing but it comes with its disadvantages. Needless to say, results may vary from YouTube demonstrations.

Therefore, it is always best to consult a physician before implementation.  

What is Mewing Full Explained 

  • Simply put, mewing means resting your tongue on the roof of your mouth, with the tip against incisors. By keeping this posture for a long time, you will be able to influence the development of the facial bones over time. 
  • The idea behind what is mewing developed in response to bad oral posture that leads to a recessed chin, unaligned teeth, and a narrow palate. 
  • Mewing comes in response to the above-stressing on the importance of an improved oral posture for enhanced facial symmetry and geometry. 
  • There is no scientific proof backing the effectiveness of mewing but some people claim to have received positive results. 
  • More than just a beauty D-I-Y trend, mewing is practiced to promote mindful tongue positioning and thus, achieving overall well-being. 

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Can Mewing shape your jaw? 

what is mewing

While it is clear that mewing involves proper tongue positioning to change facial features, especially the jawline. Supporters of this crazy trend also believe that it can soothe jaw pain and help subside snoring.

After understanding what is mewing, let’s focus on the results:

  • Mewing can make the jawline prominent by making it thinner. 
  • Supporters claim that it has the power to change the face shape, too. 

Fact vs. fiction 

It must be noted that although Dr. Mew is regarded for discovering, and popularizing what is mewing, these exercises were not created by him. 

When you google search “mewing”, you will come across videos of people who have benefitted from mewing. What is mewing is a double-edged sword, as there are videos criticizing the trend. 

Mewing comes with its pros and cons. Practitioners of this trend believe that it can change the shape of your jawline. A study states that may help reverse speech issues or cure inconsistent chewing habits.  

A caveat is that people who require surgery or orthodontic work should not consider mewing as a replacement. 

Mewing: Before and After

Mewing before and after images seem to show spectacular jawline transformations and face evolutions over time. When you google images of “what is mewing”, and the results of mewing, you will see inspiration-worthy images but do not fall for them. 

Often, these images can be traced back to inauthentic sources. Apart from unreliable sources, another concern is that many of these YouTube influencers have been practicing mewing for weeks or months rather than for years. 

Sometimes, these images easily deceive the viewers due to the specific lighting angles. Critics of mewing believe that it’s just a play of shadow and image editing. The truth remains to be verified by substantial medical claims. 

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Learn to Mew 

Mewing is a technique of structuring face shape and jawline by keeping the tongue on the roof of the mouth. This is believed to exert gentle pressure and may lead to positive face changes over time.


  • Relax your tongue and keep it against the roof of the mouth. 
  • Make the tip of your tongue touch the incisors. 
  • After a few tries, and consistent practice, the muscles will memorize what is mewing, and how to place the tongue naturally. 
  • Mewing experts recommend that you mew even while drinking. 

With these simple steps, you can try out mewing. And if you consider it authentic and effective, make it a regular practice. 

It should be noted that it may take years to see any results from mewing. This is the case with most DIY techniques. Other trends similar to mewing include improving eyesight, facial fat loss, and fixing posture.

Again, mewing is not a replacement for correcting maxillofacial deformities that require surgery or orthodontics. Therefore, do not treat mewing as an all-corrective exercise. Mewing cannot replace proper medical procedures.

In today’s world, people are very beautiful and health-conscious. So, it comes as no surprise that mewing is gaining popularity for a sharp, toned, and well-sculpted face. With so many social media app filters that remove blemishes, sharpen the face, and brighten skin, a craze like mewing is being incorporated into daily routines.

It appeals to people who want to either improve their oral posture or get a strikingly sharp jawline.  

We have looked at what is mewing, and why it is trending globally. One of the key reasons for mewing to be popular is that it gives a natural solution that can be practiced by anyone. 

Opinions on mewing may vary but it cannot be denied that mewing is a trend that’s buzzing on social media. The key attraction is the power to naturally shape and sculpt one’s jawline which will make people look sharper.

There’s no harm in giving it a try if it works for you. 


While mewing seems like a harmless exercise, it does not have any credible evidence to prove that it works. In case of pain or need for cosmetic intervention, check with a doctor before following such trends. It would be better to seek expert opinion and discuss treatment options. 

Another common result is that mewing may not produce any immediate results. Until there is wide research, which may take years, there can be no final word on what is mewing and whether it can shape jawlines. 

What is Mewing and How Does it Work?

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