Nearest Metro Station to Talkatora Stadium, Delhi

Nearest Metro Station to Talkatora Stadium, Delhi

Situated in the middle of Delhi, Talkatora is the representative of the athletic excellence and cultural dynamism of the city. This is considered one of the important sports stadiums in the capital of India. Many national and international events are held here which always captures the audience’s excited atmosphere. This stadium is located near the metro station which makes easy accessibility and a popular place for sports lovers, spectators, and participants. The Talkatora stadium and the metro station are connected in such a way that people don’t get into any trouble reaching the stadium and they would are easily able to move around everywhere. Let’s figure out more about the stadium and the Talkatora Stadium nearest metro Station.

About Takatora Stadium 

Talkator Stadium is the most diverse and cultural venue for holding sports events. It is the most important stadium in the middle of Delhi. This stadium was founded in 1980 and thus it has witnessed the most number of sports events ever since its days such as boxing, indoor games, wrestling, and many more. The sitting capacity of the stadium is more than 3000 spectators which is one of the factors that people prefer this stadium and why it is chosen for most of the internal and national events. Its location is so easily accessible that all the major transport facilities are available which ensures that visitors from the city and easily visit whenever they feel like it. Also, this is a cultural center that unites and inspires people through the power of sports and entertainment which gets the people attracted more and more towards it. 

Talkatora Stadium Nearest Metro Stations

The stadium is full of powerful sports and we know that the stadium is easily accessible but still, the question is how to reach the stadium. In this world full of traffic, getting irritated with the weather intense heat or intense cold along with heavy traffic and the increased fares the only easy and convenient way is using metros which not only saves our time but also money along with peaceful and easy traveling. So to reach the Talkatora stadium two nearby metro stations are Patel Chowk and Rajiv Chowk for both of them the yellow line needs to be followed. Also specifically among these two, the Patel Chownk is the nearest which is about one and half kilometers away and the running track of the stadium is itself 5km from the stadium which makes a short walking distance for both the spectators and the participants.  

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Both of these metro stations provide an easy and convenient way to reach the stadium and welcome place for sporting events and cultural gatherings. The following table shows the metro station along with the distance and metro line to be followed.

Travel Time

Metro is the best way to save time but still, the travel time from the Patel Chowk metro station to the stadium is about 15-20 minutes via walk whereas from the Rajeev Chowk metro station, it’s almost 20-25 minutes walk. If you prefer any vehicle then the travel time would be reduced to half but it also depends on the traffic.

Route Map

Patel Chowk Metro Station to Talkatora Stadium

After leaving the metro station on the yellow line, look for some public transport like auto rikshaws and head towards Ashok Road until you reach Raisina Road, there you will find the sign directions to the stadium. 

Rajeev Chowk Metro Station to Talkatora Stadium

Take the 6th exit gate from the metro station through the yellow line towards Connaught Place and continue straight on the Baba Kharak Singh Marg until you reach the GPO Roundabout, then further follow the sign directions to the stadium and within the walk time of 25 minutes you will be able to reach the destination. Thus, both these are the Talkatora Stadium nearest metro station. Also, taking an auto rickshaw or any app-based cab or bike would help reach the destination without any kind of inconvenience.


1. Which is the nearest metro station to Talkatora Stadium?

The nearest metro station is the Patel Chowk metro station which is about 1.5 km away from the stadium.

2. Which metro line stops near Talkatora Stadium?

The yellow line stops near Talkatora Stadium.

3. Which is the first metro to reach the Talkatora Stadium?

Orange is the first metro that arrives nearby at 5:02 AM.

4. Which is the last metro to reach the Talkatora Stadium?

Yellow is the last metro that stops by 12:34 Am.

5. What is the metro fare to reach the Talkatora Stadium?

The metro fare to reach the stadium varies between Rs.10 to Rs.60.

Nearest Metro Station to Talkatora Stadium, Delhi

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