The Hip Hop Star Peso Pluma Parents & From Where He Belongs 

Peso Pluma Parents

In the era of Hip Hop singers, a new name came so far they had the talent of mixing traditional Mexican folk music and American hip-hop singers none other than Peso Pluma. He is one of the great singers from Hollywood who have risen since the time of COVID-19 and it was in the year 2020. He belonged to Mexico City and his birth name was Ebinio Kabande Laija as per the survey or the billboard news. 
In this blog, we are going to give you all the information regarding Peso Pluma parents and the interesting things that cover at least all the parts of his life.

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How Did Peso Pluma Get Popular?

He recorded his first song to begin with a studio collection in the year 2020 but became broadly known in 2022, after the narco-corrido melody “El Belicon” racked up 10 million sees on YouTube inside three days. The song’s music video — in which Peso Pluma and Mexican vocalist Raul Vega wore bulletproof vests, carried expansive weapons, and showed what showed up to be packs of cocaine as they depicted pack individuals — started contention for commending sedate cartels.

But his unconstrained identity and sincere comments throughout interviews and open appearances have earned him indeed more cherished by fans within the past year. In April, a video of him announcing, “I love you mother. This can be all for you,” within the center of an Ontario, Canada concert where his mother was within the group of onlookers, went viral on Tiktok. That same month, he got to be the primary Mexican territorial music craftsman to perform live on “The This Evening Appears Featuring Jimmy Fallon.” He took after that in September as the first Mexican performer to perform on the MTV Video Music Grants.

Who Has Peso Pluma Worked With?

Peso Pluma Parents

He has worked with numerous artists in the growing stage of his career and he has collaborated with Latin America, and US pop singers Beggky G, Justin Bieber, and many more. He has also worked with the legendary artists and pioneers of the singing industry Natanel Cano and Junior H, who made his life and career to the growth which can be helpful for him to go the huge performances and the cities of life.    

All the collaboration which is done by Peso Pluma took his career to a new height and made him famous just because of his talent and the other things that are required to become a great singer. He has continued his singing and momentum with songs like “Ella baila sola” which have got millions of views on YouTube and make it one of the best collaborations of his life. This song collaborated with the Eslabon Armada, which was released in March and topped the Billboard chart in the 200 clubs for more than six weeks and made impactful and broke all the records in a few weeks.  

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About the Peso Pluma Award-Winning

As the years passed Peso Pluma has increased his abilities and talents which have given him opportunities to lift the award for the first time. During the Latin Music Award show in 2023, he got the first award of his life for his incredible singing and talent. After all his success and his progressive career, he got all the affection and love from the fans but the singer has never headlined his show before his own double P tour which began in the year 2023 in July and which was ended on November 4th.  

Peso Pluma First Time In “Coachella” 

Everyone loves to watch the Coachella things and wants to go there with their family or friends because it is one of the best entertainment places for people who love music. Coachella always takes place once a year with famous singers performing their best songs and just the same thing happened with his when he performed in Coachella for the first time. After releasing the song “Chanel” with the veteran singer Becky G, Peso Pluma joined him with great energy and showed the whole Coachella fans –why he is also counted as one of the best artists of Latin. 

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About The Parents of Peso Pluma 

As the how famous singer he has become, so now everyone wants to know about his lifestyle and as well with background but still, many things are a mystery by the side of Peso Pluma. If we talk about the Peso Pluma parents no clarification has been made yet about their parents or family. As per some news sources or articles, the little things have come in front of the world that Peso Pluma parents are both Mexican and they nothing about their chemistry. After lots of research and surveys, his mothers name is Rubi Laija and his father’s name is Hassan Kabande.  


Numerous singers in the world get popular day by day but only a few are left in the long run and the Mexican-born singer he is one of them who is leading the world to the highest and also looking to make more of his name in the singing industry. 

he always said in his interviews that he is a big fan of legendary singers like Bad Bunny and Enrique and also wants to become like them he also talks about his family that all his musical skills and talents are gifted by his parents and he has a big support for him. As ending the blog we have provided you with all the information as well as Peso Pluma parents who are all connected to the singer’s lifestyle or his inspirational journey.  


1. What is the age of Peso Pluma? 

The age of Peso Pluma is 25 only and counted as one of the youngest singers in the singing industry.  

2. From where do Peso Pluma Parents belong? 

Peso Pluma Parents come from Mexico City which is located in the country of Spain. 

3. When did Peso Pluma receive his First Award? 

He received his first award on 5th October 2023 at the Billboard Latin Awards Show.  

The Hip Hop Star Peso Pluma Parents & From Where He Belongs 

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