Nearest Metro Station to Sarai Rohilla, Delhi

Nearest Metro Station to Sarai Rohilla, Delhi

In the bustling center of Delhi, the Sarai Rohilla is located, and also the metro station near Delhi Sarai Rohilla helps to link Sarai Rohilla to ge various other parts of Delhi. Besides the practical functions, this station also reports the diverse culture of Delhi with a huge variety of colors. This district in the heart of the city is located in none other than the vicinity of the famous Sarai Rohilla railway station which reflects the city’s rich history and spirit. In the busy lives of people every day, this metro station becomes a daily part of Delhi and shows different aspects of the city. 

About Sarai Rohilla

Located in Delhi, Sarai Rohilla has been for hundreds of years a place where the rich heritage and the cultural diversity of the city are widely seen. Initially, it was an inn in the Mughal times but later it changed as a center of town along with the Grand Trunk Road used to facilitate trade and travel. But today, this place is much more active and lively than before with all the eateries, markets, and nearby railway stations that become the main link of transportation. This best describes the Sarai Rohilla in the active nature of Delhi. It is a blend of diverse cultures with a vivid mix of sights and sounds. This city went through both traditional and modern changes along with the continuously changing landscape.  

Nearest Metro Station to Sarai Rohilla, Delhi

In the buzz of the Sarai Rohilla travelers, visitors can easily reach via nearby metro station rather than just getting annoyed and irritated by the busy traffic and the intense weather conditions along with low fares. The metro station near Delhi Sarai Rohilla is the Shashtri Nagar Metro Station followed by the red line. In addition to it, other metro stations Pratap Nagar and Inderlok Metro stations on the Red Line also provide routes to the commuters. Also, the ones who are looking for other metro stations are Jhanderwalan and Karol Bagh metro stations on the Blue Line. All these metro stations provide access to Sarai Rohilla but the most preferred metro station near Delhi Sarai Rohilla is the Shashtri Nagar which is just 1 km away from the destination. Thanks to all these mero stations and the perfect connectivity, getting to Sarai rohilla is seamlessly easy thus improving accessibility and liveliness in the area.

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All these metro stations discussed are very near to Sarai Rohilla but the nearest is the Shashtri Nagar metro station which is just 1 km away and available on the red line. Then out on the red line are the Pratap Nagar and the Inderlok metro stations with distances of 1.5 and 2.2 km respectively. Also, the Jhanderwalan and the Karol Bagh metro stations are just 2.3km and 2km away respectively. With accessing all these metro stations reaching the destination is just a breeze making the travel very convenient for the people. 


The travel time from the nearest metro station, Shashtri Nagar metro station is just 15 minutes via any vehicle. From the Pratap Nagar and Inderlok metro stations, it would be around 20 minutes. Similarly, for people taking the Blue Line, Jhandewalan Metro Station takes about 20-25 minutes to travel in a vehicle while Karol Bagh Metro Station also absorbs more or less the same time i.e. around 20-25 minutes altogether. By having such short trip times available, Sarai Rohilla has ensured that its residents and visitors can easily move back and forth between their homes and destinations at very short commuting distances.


On arriving at the metro station near Delhi Sarai Nagar,  the visitors are advised to take up convenient public transport like an auto rikshaw or the app-based service. Those using the Shashtri Nagar metro station should go towards the Southeast on the Shatri Nagar main Road and take a left turn towards the Idgah road. Those preferring Pratap Nagar metro Station should head south on the Tularam Bagh road which would further merge with the Idgah road. Then from the Inderlok onwards, again visitors must proceed southwards up Swami Narayan Marg and take the Idgah road via Panchkurian Marg. and for the ones coming from the Jhandewalan side need to go northwards on the Desh Bandhu Gupta road before taking a left on the Idgah road and through the Karol Bagh, one should move Northwards on the Ajmal Khan road and taking the Idgah road via Desh Banshu Gupta Road. 


1. Which is the nearest metro station to Sarai Rohilla?

Shashtri Nagar metro station is the nearest metro station at a distance of 1km and with a total travel time of 15 minutes.

2. Which metro lines are followed to reach Sara Rohilla?

Red and Blue metro lines stop at the Sara Rohilla.

3. At what time is the first metro?

Red is the first metro which usually leaves near 5:56 AM.

4. How can I reach Sarai Rohilla from the Shashtri Nagar metro station?

Various auto rickshaws, app-based cabs, and bikes are found outside the metro station, reaching the destination via them would be easier and more convenient.

Nearest Metro Station to Sarai Rohilla, Delhi

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